Smart Home Automation

The Everyday Home, Made Easy with Automation
Daily tasks become effortless and efficient with smart home automation, saving money and freeing up your time to do what is most important. Through a simple app on your smartphone and tablet, or from a whole home remote, control the many features of your house almost anywhere, anytime.

Programmed Sequences

With the touch of your remote, you can control multiple devices for any activity. As the sun rises, set an alarm, brighten the breakfast room’s lights, open the window shades and turn on the morning news. The right lighting and scene setting provides the perfect ambiance to what ever you’re doing.The possibilities are endless.

Voice Control

The beauty of voice command is that there is no learning curve. With most home automation systems, there is an option to add on a voice activation product, enabling you to control all your devices completely by voice. Simply tell your smart device what needs to be accomplished. And just like that – it’s done.

Safe and Sound

Using a single command you can arm your entire security system, and have instant access to all your surveillance cameras to keep an eye on everything. It can even prepare for your arrival by disarming the alarm, unlocking the door, adjusting your thermostat and lighting your way into the house.