One of the many homes featured in Maine Home & Design magazine that Tucker & Tucker has been a part of the renovations

Faith and Trust

In 2015, Hannah and Arne Klepinger’s children had left for college, and were starting to think about downsizing from their 3,000-square-foot home in Yarmouth. “I thought it would take a few years. It took a few hours,” says Hannah. The couple looked at eight condos, and the seventh, a compact two-story space on the South Portland waterfront, caught Arne’s eye. Hannah was uncertain—there was a “strong ’80s vibe,” the kitchen was small, and the layout was awkward. Having managed renovations before, she knew how much work it would take to make the condo suit their taste and lifestyle. But in a few weeks the deal was made. “It felt like when you catch a wave at the beach and you just go with it,” says Hannah. “It was a leap of faith.”